Over 350,000 registered republicans didn’t vote in the Arizona 2022 election.

A large portion of those who didn’t vote are gun owners, hunters, shooters. Don’t just cry about them coming for our second amendment. Do something about it.

Last day to register to vote is June 28, 2024!

Time Left Untill Election Day

November 5, 2024

Your Grandfather didn’t sleep in a foxhole in a far away land clutching a picture of your Grandmother so you would surrender your guns. 

We have teamed up with American majority to make it easier than ever to get registered, request absentee ballots, track ballots and even get involved in making sure others are doing the same.

Below are all the resources you need to register to vote, request absentee ballots, and even find ways you can get involved with helping make sure other gun owners, hunters and sportsmen are registered to vote. Together we can make the 2024 election too Big to Rig.