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B.T.E. Adjustable Gas Block Setup

For Starters Our Gas Blocks are 100% Made in America Using Only The Best Quality American Made Materials.

The main purpose of our adjustable gas block is to allow you to adjust the port pressure to the operating system, thereby fine-tuning the bolt velocity, which will result in a smoother shooting rifle. Additionally, the BTE Gas Block is also useful in obtaining optimum port pressure on otherwise difficult to run setups, such as suppressed weapons, short-barreled weapons, or unusual chamberings for nonstandard cartridges.  Most rifles cycle faster than necessary and the resulting “bolt slamming” effect is a noticeable part of the recoil impulse.

  • To adjust for your load, turn the gas adjustment screw in until approximately 1/8″ of threads are left outside the block, then load one round in the magazine and fire.  If the bolt holds open, the gas block is set.  If the bolt does not stay open, it is short-stroking and the valve should be opened about another half turn.


  • Continue backing the gas adjustment screw out until the bolt holds open consistently on last round lock back.  Test this again with one round in the magazine.  Some of Our Railed Adjustable Blocks feature our “Stay Put” Secondary locking screw used to keep the Valve Adjusting Screw Securely in Place.   On our Blocks that do not have our Stay Put locking set screw You may want to use a small drop of vibratite or high temp RTV to seal the threads until a sufficient amount of carbon can buildup securing the set screw in place.


  • Installation Note: When Installing our Railed Blocks be sure to compensate for the Handguard End Cap Thickness if using a Free Float Handguard. (To Maintain Gas Port Alignment Slide the Block Forward Toward the Muzzle .050”)


  • Remember, if you change ammo, the rifle may not cycle reliably and should be tested again with any ammunition that you intend to use in actual competition.  If you must use untried ammo, back out the valve several turns to ensure full cycling.   It is also possible to shut the valve completely if you want to cycle the rifle manually for any reason.


  • If your rifle is used for law enforcement or military purposes, we recommend the full open setting so as not to compromise reliability.  A new rifle or bolt assembly will have a great deal of friction between the gas rings and carrier and may require a break-in period during which the gas block must be run wide open for complete cycle.  A new rifle with an extremely stiff bolt may not cycle completely until broken in.  It helps to polish the bore of the carrier on a new bolt to reduce friction and mate the parts.

Some of Our gas blocks feature a Picatinny quick-detach point for any accessory you may wish to use on that point such as flash lights, lasers or Backup Sights.  Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have and Thanks Again for Buying American.