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Cass – Rifle Dynamics, Las Vegas

I was looking for a .625 clamp on gas block and purchased the YHM clamp on gas block for 50.00 and it was too low. so, i bought the YHM riser for 30.00 to fix that and it was still too low to be even at the same plane of my Noveske N4 stripped upper I then purchased the other YHM riser for 20.00 and now my ARMS front sight is too high. I was about to throw in the towel and go free float but, I ponied up and bought your B.T.E USA receiver/rail height gas block and now I can hit the target with my ARMS 40L-F back up sights. The product was easy to install, I loved the chamfer that was like a funnel effect with the included gas tube roll pin, three 9/64 cap screws were a good addition to the design, finish is excellent, the witness hole to help me line up the gas tube port was a nice addition too. Shipping is fast and is free and the price is bang up. I will purchase from B.T.E.-USA again

C.A. –

I would like to contact you to let you know that I feel you offer excellent products at very good prices. On top of this you have proven yourself to have exceptional customer service.

I have purchased three Adjustable Gas Blocks & have been very pleased with each of them. Once upon a time I lost a hardware kit to one of my blocks. When I ordered an additional block I asked if I could buy an extra kit to replace the one I lost. I was very pleased when you sent me a hardware kit free of charge. Thank you very much, it was greatly appreciated!

It is this kind of treatment of customers that has led me to recommend your company every time the topic of Gas Blocks come up. Now that I see you offer more than just AGB’s, rest assured, I will put in a good word for you.

I will be ordering more AGB’s in the very near future & wanted to let you know yours are the only ones I will buy.


A loyal Customer, C.A.

Tom –

I would like to provide you with some feedback on your Tanker Gas Assist Ambidextrous Charging Handle. Bottom line up front is, the aggressive pattern provides good grip while operating the charging handle but is cut out in such a manner that it can be painful to the fingers without gloves. Maybe I need to get the candy out of my ass because other than this small issue this piece of equipment is awesome. I retired from the Army in April and would have liked to have had this item on my rifle during deployments. I have now gone into Law Enforcement and it will stay on my duty rifle. I purchased the charging handle at FX Tactical just prior to starting the Academy in August and put it on my personal rifle. I am going through my departments AZ POST rifle qualification and on day two put the charging handle on my duty rifle which is how I discovered my issue. At the end of the day I am going leave the charging handle on my duty rifle and will be purchasing more for my personal rifles and probably as gifts. Thank you for your time.


Kyle H –

I just received my gas block from you this evening. I have to say it is a fine piece of work – simple, effective, rugged – you can’t beat that combination. Also the cerakote finish is outstanding (and a perfect match for my Magpul handguards).

Thanks for a great product at a great price. I can’t wait to get it up and running.

Brian B. – Phoenix, AZ:

George at B.T.E. built me a great upper in the Mk18 style. It ran like a typewriter! I ran it through Independence Training’s carbine course in 109° Arizona summer heat in a dry and dusty area. We simulated malfunctions such as stovepipes, double feed, etc and in every shooting position thinkable. Not a hiccup to report. My rifle was hot and dusty at the end of the day, but still the only malfunctions it had were ones we artificially induced for the sake of training. BTE’s customer service is also second to none. They even tuned-up another upper I had at no charge while I was there. BTE will be feeding my black rifle disease from now on!

Kevin S. – Peoria, AZ:

I was recently introduced to Battle Tested Equipment by a close friend of mine. I was looking to build a light precision rifle length upper in 5.56/.223. All I had for the build was the 18″ stainless barrel. I contacted George and was able to speak at length about the goal I was attempting to reach and how to get there. We set up a time to meet later the following week for him to show me several different options for the build. He was encouraging me to look at a smooth vented rail that he builds but I have been a more “traditional” quad rail shooter in the past. I agreed to look at it next week.

We met and he was able to show me multiple options for rails. I thought I was set on a quad rail system but when I saw the quality and the light weight versatility of the Cerakoted smooth vented rail I was hooked. We settled on a flat top upper receiver that he even worked with me to find one that matched almost perfectly to my existing lower. He showed me a few types of aftermarket muzzle breaks/flash hiders. I choose his forward/reverse american flag etched ejection port dust cover with the BTE logo. This dust cover is very nice. I ended up changing my stock to a Vltor from the standard M4 stock. When I was in his shop he had a set of triggers that I asked about. I was not in the market for a trigger at the time, but one I was able to try one of the triggers he makes I immediately decided that this clean, crisp single stage trigger was for me.

It took about a week for him to assemble the parts. When I picked up the new upper I was more than happy.

If you are looking for quality equipment made locally in Phoenix, Battle Tested Equipment is worth a look.

Greg S. – Virginia:


Thanks for taking my call today and sending out a new block. Per our discussion attached are photos of the damaged packaging and block. I may have to send a couple of emails to get the pictures through, if this becomes the case I will label the emails “- Dash X of X”

On a separate but related note, I want to convey my thanks to you and tell you have made lifetime customers with my sons. I believe it important to share the below with you.

As I said in my call with you, this block was for my two son’s first build. They had done their research, built a spreadsheet of the parts they wanted, worked hard and saved their money all last year. A little Christmas money from grandparents got them enough to purchase their planned build.

One part ordered after much research was a Daniel Defense 14.5″ lightweight barrel. They ultimately ordered a DD .750 lightweight barrel and block from Midway. When the package arrived the barrel received was a.625 barrel. Disappointed, we called Midway and were told to send it back and they would look at it and determine if in fact they had sent the wrong barrel and would get us something out after the Shot Show. This was two weeks before the show. My boys were beginning to learn a tough lesson. So we decided to call Daniel Defense and ask them about the issue. We were told that they had made a 14.5″ .625 barrel but were no longer doing so to reduce costs by only producing .750 barrels and blocks. “The barrel you received Sir, must be one that was mislabeled” Zero for two attempts, Not wanting a strike three, I decided to step in and buy them a block from BTE so they could complete their build.

While you and talked this afternoon I had you on speaker phone in the car. My 12yr old son Russell was sitting with me. When I hung up with you, Russell said “Dad, that is what real good company does. Connor and I will always by our gas blocks from them.”

Keep up the outstanding customer service.