I would like to contact you to let you know that I feel you offer excellent products at very good prices. On top of this you have proven yourself to have exceptional customer service.

I have purchased three Adjustable Gas Blocks & have been very pleased with each of them. Once upon a time I lost a hardware kit to one of my blocks. When I ordered an additional block I asked if I could buy an extra kit to replace the one I lost. I was very pleased when you sent me a hardware kit free of charge. Thank you very much, it was greatly appreciated!

It is this kind of treatment of customers that has led me to recommend your company every time the topic of Gas Blocks come up. Now that I see you offer more than just AGB’s, rest assured, I will put in a good word for you.

I will be ordering more AGB’s in the very near future & wanted to let you know yours are the only ones I will buy.


A loyal Customer,C.A.