Greg S.


Thanks for taking my call today and sending out a new block. Per our discussion attached are photos of the damaged packaging and block. I may have to send a couple of emails to get the pictures through, if this becomes the case I will label the emails “- Dash X of X”

On a separate but related note, I want to convey my thanks to you and tell you have made lifetime customers with my sons. I believe it important to share the below with you.

As I said in my call with you, this block was for my two son’s first build. They had done their research, built a spreadsheet of the parts they wanted, worked hard and saved their money all last year. A little Christmas money from grandparents got them enough to purchase their planned build.

One part ordered after much research was a Daniel Defense 14.5″ lightweight barrel. They ultimately ordered a DD .750 lightweight barrel and block from Midway. When the package arrived the barrel received was a.625 barrel. Disappointed, we called Midway and were told to send it back and they would look at it and determine if in fact they had sent the wrong barrel and would get us something out after the Shot Show. This was two weeks before the show. My boys were beginning to learn a tough lesson. So we decided to call Daniel Defense and ask them about the issue. We were told that they had made a 14.5″ .625 barrel but were no longer doing so to reduce costs by only producing .750 barrels and blocks. “The barrel you received Sir, must be one that was mislabeled” Zero for two attempts, Not wanting a strike three, I decided to step in and buy them a block from BTE so they could complete their build.

While you and talked this afternoon I had you on speaker phone in the car. My 12yr old son Russell was sitting with me. When I hung up with you, Russell said “Dad, that is what real good company does. Connor and I will always by our gas blocks from them.”

Keep up the outstanding customer service.