I would like to provide you with some feedback on your Tanker Gas Assist Ambidextrous Charging Handle. Bottom line up front is, the aggressive pattern provides good grip while operating the charging handle but is cut out in such a manner that it can be painful to the fingers without gloves. Maybe I need to get the candy out of my ass because other than this small issue this piece of equipment is awesome. I retired from the Army in April and would have liked to have had this item on my rifle during deployments. I have now gone into Law Enforcement and it will stay on my duty rifle. I purchased the charging handle at FX Tactical just prior to starting the Academy in August and put it on my personal rifle. I am going through my departments AZ POST rifle qualification and on day two put the charging handle on my duty rifle which is how I discovered my issue. At the end of the day I am going leave the charging handle on my duty rifle and will be purchasing more for my personal rifles and probably as gifts. Thank you for your time.